Well hello there! I’d like to welcome everyone to my new blog-site! I will be posting my most recent sessions and weddings here. I’m so excited about this…to have a place where current and future clients can come to see a peak of their photos! I invite everyone to take a few minutes and browse the site to get familiar. Everyone who knows me knows I don’t like to write. So, with that said…….

Here’s a glimpse of a wedding I second shot in August with the amazing Alissa Ferullo! Check her out at www.alissaferullophotography.com. Alissa has been a great help, mentor, and friend to me the past year and I am so grateful for her. Her inbox gets bombarded with questions from me on a weekly basis, so anyone that can put up with that is a queen in my book 🙂























The weather in Sheridan was a bit crazy that day…..picture freezing cold temps one minute, melt your body temps the next, and then monsoon rains just a little while later! But the gorgeous couple embraced it beautifully and had fun 🙂


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