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Monday, July 11, 2016

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Oh my, where has the time gone? Our Fi is one and already driving!!! 😉

We are so proud of our niece and love watching her grow up…and I LOVE being able to photograph this family. Seriously, so cute!

We had to maneuver around some tricky light and a not-so-happy Fi, but I think we got some great shots.

I couldn’t get over the look on her face in this next one….  🙂

We all love you so much, Fiora. Happy Birthday!

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I have been an editing maniac lately but so thankful for each and every client that chooses me as their photographer. This profession keeps me sane outside of my little world of wife and mommy, but so grateful for it all!

I had a few spare minutes today to go through Holden’s 8 month photos. He has changed so much lately; crawling all over, developing his personality little by little, and becoming such a cuddle bug.

And now, presenting the cutest baby alive…..sorry, but he is 😉

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I say it every time I’m around her….”so weird to be around such girlyness!” My little guy is all boy, and I love him to pieces but there’s a part of me that yearns for a little girl now and then. Hopefully someday. But for now, I’m quite content soaking up Miss Fi’s long, gorgeous eyelashes, sweet baby girl talk, and the way she points those toes….I love it all!

I got this outfit for her 🙂

Does she not have the most stunning blue eyes?!?!?! This is practically straight out of my camera with very little editing done on her eyes…they’re naturally gorgeous!

She had enough of my camera for one day 😉

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Just a few of my gorgeous niece…more to come soon! Stay tuned!


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