My Favorite Movies (Cody, Nebraska + South Dakota Senior Photographer)

I have been told by my husband that my taste in movies is not exactly....good. My side of our DVD collection consists of anything Disney, Katherine Heigl, and "bad acting but feel-good" movies. One of those is The Wedding Date with Durmot Mulrony and Debra Messing. Ladies, this is a must see! Not only do you witness Mulrony being a mega-hottie, but there's some great acting.......  ;-)

Anyway, Messing attends her half-sister's wedding in London. While at her sister's bachelorette party, she says, "You're my half-sister but I whole love you!"

That's exactly how I feel about this girl. I couldn't ask for a sweeter "sister" and I am so proud of her. She is a beautiful person inside and out. I get sad thinking of how far away she'll be living next year, but who am I to talk....I live 18 hours away from my family! We all grow up and make our own lives, and I have no doubt that her's will be blessed.

I whole love you, Annie!


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