My Baby (Nebraska + South Dakota Baby + Child Photographer)

5 months old. Not necessarily one of the most popular milestone months to remember your baby by. Not like the big 6 month or 12 month stage. The first year of a baby's life has many firsts, happy, sad, and just pure joyous moments. You don't want to just remember his/her life by the popular milestones. It's those in-between moments that you need to document and remember forever.

I challenge you moms out there to make an effort to capture those moments that just make you smile to yourself. It doesn't matter what kind of camera you have or what kind of experience you've acquired. Just do it! Don't worry about composition, lighting, or even if your child is smiling or crying in every picture. It's a memory.

Holden has hit the big 5 month mark and man has he changed a lot! I swear he's grown 5 inches in the last month and he all of a sudden wants to sit up. That rolling over is for other babies ;-) And the teeth. They have to be around the corner because the drool never stops....never. And everything must go in the mouth...everything.

He still needs a little help sitting up.  Dad was all for helping...with little complaining about his back of course ;-)

Ahhh, the drool. I feel like I get a bath every time I pick him up!

I know everybody thinks their baby is the cutest but seriously, he is THE cutest baby alive!

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