Amanda (Nebraska Headshot Photographer)

Small towns may be just that-small. BUT, they aren't lacking in the talent department! This gorgeous lady from little ol' Gordon, Nebraska has a book published and I couldn't be more proud! Take a peak and purchase your own copy here.

Here's what the back of the book looks like...


When you get your own book published, you need some headshots of course! Below are just a few of my own personal favorites :-) Thank you Amanda for asking me to do this for you.

Nebraska Photographer

Be sure to select "HD" for best viewing.

Vintage Styled Wedding Shoot (Nebraska Wedding Photographer)


I am beyond excited to share this styled wedding shoot! This has been a year's worth of brainstorming, stressing ;-), and just plain fun seeing what a few creative people can come up with. I hope you enjoy! (I got a little carried away editing, so please, if you have time, scroll to the'll be worth it!)


Cherry Blossom Paperie, Lacey Lemmert, Valentine, NE. (Creator, Designer, Artist behind EVERYTHING you see here. She's awesome.)



Lacy Covey , Gordon, NE. (Hair/Makeup. The BEST in Nebraska)

Chelsie Moreland Photography, Merriman, NE. (Photographer)

three IMG_6046-Edit two seven IMG_6571-Edit nine IMG_6062-Edit frames2 IMG_6529-Edit one IMG_6495-Edit ten IMG_6505-Edit IMG_6517-Edit frames1 IMG_5943-Edit-Edithim IMG_6021-Edit IMG_5799-Edit cards IMG_6561-Edit eleven IMG_6713-Edit book four five IMG_6582-Edit IMG_6216-Edit twelve IMG_6538-Edit six You can't forget about dessert! dessert1 IMG_6148-Edit IMG_6140-Edit dessert3 IMG_6155-Edit IMG_6168-Edit dessert2 IMG_6184-Edit IMG_6102-Edit I am forever indebted to this couple who volunteered an entire day for this shoot, Lacy for her far out makeup and hair skills, and Lacey at Cherry Blossom Paperie for, well, pretty much everything you saw here!